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Financial advice for babies everywhere

Posted by Robin Powell on October 15, 2015

Of the thousands of financial writers in the world today, there are probably about a dozen who really are worth reading, and Morgan Housel is definitely one of them.

Anyone can rehash press releases, wax lyrical about the latest investment fads or attract attention with left-field market forecasts. But it takes real skill and professional integrity to keep producing practical, timeless, unconflicted insights that consistently hit the spot like Morgan can.

Morgan’s wife has just given birth to a boy, and his latest post, Financial advice for my new son, is thoroughly worth reading, whatever age you are.

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You can subscribe here to Morgan Housel’s column for The Motley Fool. You might also be interested in this interview Morgan gave me earlier this year for Sensible Investing:

Why are we so hooked on market forecasting?

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