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Five reasons to index

Posted by Robin Powell on August 1, 2017

While I was away last week, Monevator published an excellent post, neatly summarising the benefits of index investing.

No, it contains nothing earth-shattering — or indeed anything you haven’t read several times before on The Evidence-Based Investor.

But, even if you’ve been indexing for a while, it’s good to remind yourself now and again why you do it.

The list is also worth sharing with the unconverted. As Monevator says, you can choose to “make the journey in expensive luxury liners like actively managed funds, or in a one-man skiff tossed hither and thither by your own stock-picking”. But, frankly, why would you want to when indexing offers all this?


You can read the article here:

Monevator: Five reasons why you’ll love index investing

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