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Video: How do you choose a financial adviser?

Posted by Robin Powell on August 27, 2015

A question I’m asked regularly is, “Do you really need a financial adviser?” Many people assume that, because I’m a firm believer in broadly passive investing and an advocate of direct-to-consumer services, like Nutmeg and Wealth Horizon in the UK and Betterment and Wealthfront in the US, my answer would be “No”.

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Video: How active is your active fund manager?

Posted by Robin Powell on August 25, 2015

There are so many things wrong with the active fund industry – the opaqueness, the high fees, the failure to outperform and so on – that it’s hard to know where reform should start.

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For sports fans & active investors, hope springs eternal

Posted by Robin Powell on August 20, 2015

Human beings aren’t cut out to be investors. Evolutionary instincts that serve us well most of the time let us down badly when we let them loose on our pension portfolios.

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Something for the weekend

Posted by Robin Powell on August 14, 2015

Please excuse a slightly abbreviated version of SFTW this week.. I’m off to that temple of football Villa Park, where I fear that Manchester United are about to puncture the bubble of pre-season positivity that’s been growing in recent weeks over Birmingham B6.

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