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Financial advice for babies everywhere

Posted by Robin Powell on October 15, 2015

Of the thousands of financial writers in the world today, there are probably about a dozen who really are worth reading, and Morgan Housel is definitely one of them.

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Why fund houses couldn’t give a fig about poor performance

Posted by Robin Powell on October 14, 2015

There’s been so much scorn heaped on hedge funds for their dismal performance and exorbitant fees that you could be forgiven for wondering how much longer the industry can survive.

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Need investment advice? Don’t ask a stockbroker

Posted by Robin Powell on October 13, 2015

It’s impossible not to feel extremely sorry for James and Julia Bagot. The pensioners from Essex thought they were doing the right thing by paying a prestigious City of London stockbroking firm to invest their life savings on their behalf.

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The joy of investing in auto mode

Posted by Robin Powell on October 12, 2015

I love America and feel very much at home there. But get in a car and I instantly become your typical Englishman abroad. No, it’s not driving on the wrong side of the road that bothers me, or forgetting that I’m allowed to turn right on red. I’m even getting used to the road signs; […]

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