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Small isn’t beautiful in the UK fund industry

Posted by Robin Powell on March 21, 2017

Rob Davies runs the VT Munro Smart-Beta UK Fund, which was acquired by Valu-Trac from Maven Capital Partners in October 2015. But getting institutional investors interest in it is an uphill struggle. The problem, he says, is that the asset management industry, the rating agencies and the financial media are biased towards larger, actively managed […]

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Bogle on Brexit, Trump and political division

Posted by Robin Powell on March 20, 2017

In case you missed it, CNN ran an extended interview with Jack Bogle on Saturday and, as you’d expect, it was brimming with wit and wisdom. As well as Wall Street and the financial markets, Bogle had plenty to say about American society under president Trump. He also waded in on Brexit and his dislike […]

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See you in California!

Posted by Robin Powell on March 17, 2017

The inaugural Evidence-Based Investing Conference in New York City in November was such a blast that we’re doing it all again — in California! The good news is that this event is going to be bigger and better. For a start, it’s being held over three days rather than one — the dates are June 25-27 — and […]

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Podcast Episode 12: Vanguard sets its sights on Europe

Posted by Robin Powell on March 16, 2017

Everyone knows by now how phenomenally successful Vanguard has been in the US in the last few years. But it’s not doing badly elsewhere in the world either. For the latest TEBI Podcast, I’ve been interviewing Dr Peter Westaway, Chief Economist and Head of Investment Strategy for Vanguard Europe. Among the questions I ask him […]

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