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Metis Ireland: No blarney, just the evidence

Posted by Robin Powell on December 6, 2017

Evidence-based investing truly is growing around the world. Take my own company, which began producing content for a solitary financial advice firm in Birmingham, England, five years ago. Today we have clients in ten different countries. In fact, make that eleven, because we’re now working with Metis Ireland, an evidence-based financial planning firm with offices […]

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Passive investing? Smart investing is a better description

Posted by Robin Powell on December 5, 2017

I’ve never liked the term passive investing. For a start, there’s no such thing; all investing involves making active decisions to some extent. Nor is it always a helpful distinction. Take Dimensional Fund Advisors, for example, whose funds actively seek exposure to specific sections of the market but do so in a broadly passive way. […]

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Share this film and help change investing for good

Posted by Robin Powell on December 2, 2017

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”   I remember someone tweeting me that quote (often credited, rightly or wrongly, to Mahatma Ghandi), when I released my first documentary about evidence-based investing five years ago. The film’s basic argument went like this. There’s a shedload of […]

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Announcing a landmark documentary about investing

Posted by Robin Powell on November 29, 2017

For members of the media, there is a press release at the foot of this post   A little knowledge, they say, is a dangerous thing. It certainly was for me when it came to investing. I read the money sections in the weekend papers, I watched financial television, and I kept a regular check […]

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