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Active managers and the dangers of desperation

Posted by Robin Powell on June 5, 2017

It’s no secret that active managers have been having a hard time delivering alpha. With fund houses closing and cutting staff, managers, aren’t just fighting for their bonuses any more; they are, quite literally, are fighting for survival. This, in itself, creates an additional hazard for investors, because the more desperate to outperform managers become, […]

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Jason Butler: What Vanguard’s D2C offering means for UK investing

Posted by Robin Powell on June 2, 2017

Last month Vanguard announced the launch of a new online service allowing UK investors direct access to its funds. I described it at the time as the industry’s Uber moment. But let’s be more specific. What exactly will it mean for advisory firms? And what about private banks and discretionary fund managers? I’ve recorded a […]

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SPIVA at 15: What have we learned?

Posted by Robin Powell on June 1, 2017

SPIVA, the S&P Index Versus Active scorecard, is 15 years old and, to mark the occasion, I was invited by S&P Dow Jones to discuss the lessons we’ve learned in that time with Craig Lazzara, S&P’s Global Head of Index Investment Strategy. Other questions we looked at were these: — Although most fund managers underarm most […]

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Josh Brown talks evidence-based investing

Posted by Robin Powell on May 30, 2017

The Evidence-Based Investing Conference in California is less than four weeks away and, to whet your appetite, I can recommend this interview with Josh Brown. To most TEBI readers, Josh will need little introduction. An adviser at NYC-based Ritholtz Wealth Management, he’s better known for his television appearances and his hugely popular blog, The Reformed […]

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