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ESG & EBI: two major secular shifts in global investing

Posted by Robin Powell on October 2, 2017

There are two huge developments taking place in global asset management. One, of course, is the move towards basing investment decisions on independent and peer-reviewed academic evidence rather than opinions. The second is the growth of sustainable (or ESG) investing, in other words, focussing not only on investment returns, but also on making a positive difference […]

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Active funds? What we really need are inactive ones

Posted by Robin Powell on September 29, 2017

Active managers would deliver far greater value to investors and to the wider economy if they were, well, rather less active. I don’t mean passive; the only way an active manager can do what we actually pay them to do, i.e. beat the market after costs, is to break away from the market consensus and […]

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Tame your inner economist

Posted by Robin Powell on September 27, 2017

If I had my time again, I would probably study economics at university. It’s a fascinating subject and hugely relevant to our everyday lives. But how useful is it for an investor to be an expert in it? In my experience, it’s of very little use whatsoever; indeed, it may even be a hindrance. Here’s […]

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Focus on risk, not return

Posted by Robin Powell on September 25, 2017

My colleagues and I are working with some really exciting companies at the moment — firms at the forefront of positive change in the global investing industry. One of them is Scalable Capital, Europe’s fastest growing digital wealth manager. There are several reasons why I think Scalable has a very bright future. For a start, […]

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