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Self-regulation of asset management doesn’t work

Posted by Robin Powell on May 22, 2017

Once more with feeling: Self-regulation of the asset management industry does not work. For decades, successive UK regulators have trusted fund managers to get their house in order. Time and time again, the faith they’ve shown in them to do the right thing has proved to have been misplaced. Now, the Investment Association, the principal […]

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Video: Alan Miller’s 6 key takeaways from the FCA Report

Posted by Robin Powell on May 19, 2017

Six months have now passed since the Financial Conduct Authority issued its interim report on competition in UK asset management. So much has happened since then — the closure of big hedge funds, the extraordinary success of Vanguard and ever more dire statistics on active fund performance — that it’s easy to forget what an extraordinary […]

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UK investing’s Uber moment

Posted by Robin Powell on May 16, 2017

So, it’s finally happened. Vanguard, the world’s best-selling asset manager, has launched an online service to sell its funds directly to UK investors. Vanguard, which charges an average annual management fee of 0.14% of invested assets, is offering its funds to investors for an annual administration charge of 0.15%. It means, for example, an investor […]

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Podcast Episode 15: Reasons to be cheerful

Posted by Robin Powell on May 12, 2017

Back after a brief hiatus, here’s episode 15 of the TEBI podcast. This week, we speak to Stephen Davis, Senior Fellow and Associate Director of Corporate Governance at Harvard Law School. He’s also one of the authors of What They Do With Your Money: How the Financial System Fails Us and How to Fix It. In […]

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