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Jonathan Clements: The logic for indexing is irrefutable

Posted by Robin Powell on September 13, 2018

The working life of Jonathan Clements, like mine, straddles both journalism and the financial advice profession. Educated at Cambridge, he was a senior writer for the Wall Street Journal for almost 20 years. He now works as a writer and blogger, and as Director of Financial Education for Creative Planning in Leawood, Kansas. In this […]

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Ten considerations before going to cash over Brexit

Posted by Robin Powell on September 11, 2018

“My strategy is to sit out the Brexit negotiations in cash,” someone said the other day. “There is a significant chance of them going badly and markets taking a tumble. If, on the other hand, an agreement is reached, that will be a signal to invest. We should know which way things are pointing within […]

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How to beat the bank, by a former banker

Posted by Robin Powell on September 7, 2018

It’s noticeable how some of the most forthright and articulate advocates for reforming the investing industry are those who’ve worked in it and experienced at first hand the different ways in which it fails consumers. Most TEBI readers will have heard of Josh Brown, the Reformed Broker. Well, Larry Bates is the Reformed Banker. Larry, […]

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Lies, damned lies and private equity performance

Posted by helen.brown on September 5, 2018

A guest post by PRESTON McSWAIN   Are some investors placing votes in favour of private equity based on fake news? According to a recent McKinsey & Company Global Private Equity Review, in 2017 private investment managers raised a record sum of nearly $750 billion globally. A few factors are driving this, but one is the […]

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