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Video: Tales of a retired fund manager

Posted by Robin Powell on September 23, 2016

I don’t want to make any comment on this video. I’d just like people to watch it and draw their own conclusions. It’s a ten-minute interview with Con Keating. Con was a highly successful fund manager in London and New York — so successful, in fact, that he was wealthy enough to walk away from it at […]

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Gender imbalance in investment management needs urgent attention — Blair duQuesnay

Posted by Robin Powell on September 22, 2016

Among the speakers at The Evidence-Based Investing Conference in New York City in November is Blair duQuesnay. Blair is considered one of the rising stars in the US advisory profession, and is the Chief Investment Officer at ThirtyNorth Investments in New Orleans, the city where I set out in journalism as a bright-eyed intern, quite possibly before […]

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Fees for active investing more than 100% — Charley Ellis

Posted by Robin Powell on September 20, 2016

Of all the speakers at November’s Evidence-Based Investing Conference in New York City, perhaps none has done has more to advance the evidence-based approach than Charley Ellis. He was himself an active money manager, but he worked out in the early 1970s that although fund management companies and other intermediaries stand to gain from it, […]

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#SFTW: Where now for transparency?

Posted by Robin Powell on September 16, 2016

SOMETHING FOR THE WEEKEND I reported the other day on the fact that the world’s first transparency strategy summit was taking place at the House of Commons, organised by the Transparency Task Force. The event went ahead as planned on Monday, and was attended by some key players in the UK pensions industry, including the […]

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