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Gina Miller — UK advisers are letting their clients down

Posted by Robin Powell on December 1, 2016

In the third and final video in this series, Gina Miller discusses what the FCA report means for financial advisers — and she doesn’t mince her words.   Advisers.. are letting their clients down “Individuals aren’t as actively engaged in their investments here (in the UK) as they are in the US. The majority are funds […]

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Podcast Episide 4 — The EBI Conference Reviewed

Posted by Robin Powell on November 30, 2016

If you haven’t been following our new podcast series, what have been doing? Seriously, we’d love you to subscribe and to give us your feedback. For this week’s show I review the inaugural Evidence-Based Investing Conference, held earlier this month in New York City. It’s a great listen, with contributions from three of the most […]

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We were treated like Luddites for helping consumers

Posted by Robin Powell on November 29, 2016

Now for the second part in our three-part video interview with Gina Miller, one of my fellow campaigners for transparency in the investing industry. In this video, Gina gives her reaction to the FCA’s interim report on competition in UK asset management, and how the report is a complete vindication of what her True and […]

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Gina Miller — Not even my struggle with the City prepared me for this

Posted by Robin Powell on November 28, 2016

The Evidence-Based Investor is a blog about investing and asset management. But, very occasionally, I do post content about other subjects and this, I hope you’ll agree, is an exception. No one has been more supportive of my work for Sensible Investing TV and thereafter for TEBI than Gina and Alan Miller. Over the years […]

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