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Video: Why invest in stocks with markets at all-time highs?

Posted by Robin Powell on September 18, 2017

As I write, global stock markets are yet again rising to new all-time highs. It’s at times like these that investors need to remind themselves that stock investing is not a one-way street. Prices can fall very quickly, or indeed drift lower over a period of several years. What will happen to markets from here, […]

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#SFTW: The financial advisers on borrowed time

Posted by helen.brown on September 15, 2017

First of all, an apology for the long delay since the last Something For The Weekend. The creative destruction currently going on in the global investing industry is proceeding at a faster pace than I ever dared to imagine. I’ve been so busy over the summer as a consequence that SFTW has sadly fallen by […]

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The advice firms dying a lingering death

Posted by Robin Powell on September 14, 2017

I’ve had two interesting conversations with financial advisers the week. Both said the same, very telling thing. Matthew was for many years my own adviser, until he left the profession, fed up largely with its resistance to change. He’s since been on a similar journey to me, discovering the evidence about how investing really works, […]

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The People’s Trust: Daniel Godfrey responds

Posted by Robin Powell on September 12, 2017

I wrote the other day about the People’s Trust, a new investment trust, run by Daniel Godfrey, the former head of the Investment Association. I am absolutely not opposed to active fund management as a matter of principle. Active managers play an important function in setting prices. But I am extremely sceptical about the value […]

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